dinsdag 2 september 2008


Conference papers

Louwerse, Tom (2007) 'Following the leader? Party policy positions on institutional reform in the Netherlands, 1998-2006', Paper presented at the 2007 Politicologenetmaal in Antwerpen, 31 May-1 June.

Louwerse, Tom (2008), 'Populism and the democratic mandate', Paper presented at the 2008 Politicologenetmaal in Berg en Dal, 25-26 May.

Louwerse, Tom (2008), 'The European mandate of national parliaments', Paper presented at the 2008 ECPR Standing Group Summerschool on 'Political Parties and European Politics in Florence, 8-19 September

Book reviews

Louwerse, Tom (forthcoming), 'Mapping Policy Preferences II', Acta Politica.